Choose the subscription level based on YOUR needs.

Open, Posted, Sick Pending, HIBOARD sequences
HSS / NS sequence information
RED / GREEN sequence display
My Schedule display
BidPro Plus! Bidding
            iPad app**
BidPro Plus! Bidding
      Download and display bid sheets
BidPro Plus! Bidding
      Sorting, elimination and automated bid submittal**
Open sequence notification
e-Mail / cellphone text notification
One-click DECS / Sabre login
Automated DECS / Sabre access
One-click sequence drop, pickup or trade
Automated GREEN sequence drops
HI1 / HI2 (My Schedule) updates
Automated sequence pickup*
Automated sequence trading*
Automated sequence drop*
N4TL legal sequence trade
Free Trial Period 15 days 30 days 60 days N/A
Cost $34.95 / month $19.95 / month $9.95 / month Free

Requires use of My BidPro Plus program running on your Windows or Mac computer

The BidPro Plus! Bidding iPad app (coming soon) requires a separate install from the App Store on your iPad

  BidPro Plus! Bidding (Windows only) is included with My BidPro Plus

* Trading subscription includes automated sequence pickup, drop and trading and is only available to pilot crewmembers

** Coming soon ...

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